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Director Message


"The power of the future is the power of the mind." - Winston Churchill If mass production characterized the industrial revolution, individual creativity and brilliance marks the technology revolution of this century. Development is no longer symbolized by imposing plants and machinery; instead knowledge is now universally recognized as the true strength of a nation. Using technology we now have the ability to tap sources in our environment and manipulate it for the growth and development of mankind. Naini industrial training centre Allahabad has been established to encourage the study of technology. We aim to prepare a knowledge workforce comparable to the best in the world through instruction in the cutting edge technology. Naini industrial training centre also lays emphasis on group projects, so that our students learn to be co-operative and productive team members. Industry exposure provides these budding professionals the opportunity to work on current industry problems and to learn to thrive in the conducive work environment. Besides the ITI.

The students have access to the highest levels of industrial training, project experience and expert instruction.Naini Industrial Training Centre intends to focus its human and material resources on research and innovation. Our faculty and students are already on the leading edge of research. The future prospects of Naini Industrial Training Centre are tremendous. We are establishing collaborations with industry and Indian universities, These are exciting times for the Naini Industrial Training Centre community and we welcome participation of all concerned in our endeavors.