College Code: 1372

About Us


A sense of Fun, intellectual curiosity, creativity and love of learning characterize our campus. We have found that Trainee achive their best when they are happy. We have found that Trainee achive their best when they are happy. Friendship and help is offered by all members of our campus community. An excellent range of co-curricular acticities, including music, drama, art and sport to name a few, is availble. The campus outstanding academic success is widely reconized furthermore, our trainees are encouraged to develop independence of mind, alongside the ability to work as a team to achive success.

With so many delightful trainees we the campus, have a most exiting future, and it is our firm intension to continue to provide a challenging environment in which all trainees can be encouraged to devlop their talents to the fullest.

Pupils of diverse religious beliefs are welcomed. Tolerance difference is encouraged and diversity celebrated we should also like to take this oppertunity to encourage all prospective parents to visit our campus during working hours and meet the trainees and staff so as to get a breif outline of our philosophy on education.

NAINI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE, Naini, Prayagraj follows the rule of "Excellence through Quality". There are many reasons which have transformed MTEK Campus into the most preferred Industrial Training Centre.

Vision & Mission

The centre has been setup with the objective of imparting craftsman training to aspiring technicians offering an environment where young minds can grow to their full potential and become skilled and disciplined Technicians. The centre is striving for reducing unemployment among educated youth as well by equipping them with suitable skills for industrial employment and satisfy the requirements of today’s hi-tech manufacturing and service industrial sectors.




NAINI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE had organized a rural program in which students were taken to remote areas where they had conducted computer literacy teaching. It not only enhanced the interest of the people over there but also made students feel the importance of literacy program.



NAINI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE purpose is not only the mental widespread growth of the students but also to develop overall personality. For this, the campus is arranging different historical visit for the students, so that they can connect themselves to india and have the feeling of being Indians.



Academics seminar & conference are a regular features of campus. This is only gives the student a deeper insight into their subject but also gives the student a platform to interact with renewed personalities.



To see first hand how world calls organisation operate industry visit are organized the interaction with industry experts, youring of industries and offices facilities help student to relate the theories I they have learnt along with practical.


Cultural Activities

NAINI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE is dedicated towards overall development of all students. It is acquire its name in the field of dance, drama & music competition as a memorable movements. We are determining to continue the cultural activity & maintain reputation here after.



NAINI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE beleives that dress code help in creating a sense of uniformity in campus which is inhabited by people belonging to diverse cultural & economics background.